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5/25/24 UPDATE :

Hello out there!

If you are stumbling upon this page, we are grateful for you! That probably means at one point or another you checked out our moving sale. As of 5/25 we have officially closed our ATX chapter and have begun our next one. We have plenty of pitstops along the way, traveling and staying throughout multiple states over the next few months before setting up our next homebase in Colorado - where we will be creating something to call our own from the ground up.

Until then, our inventory will be pretty limited to stickers, apparel, and prints for the art - & palmstones, bracelets, and surprise, sporadic, random flash sales for the crystals. 

If you like stickers and are interested in keeping up with our adventures, check out the #RADDStickerClub , sticker subscription that sends you a handful of stickers, a handwritten letter, and some insight on what's up with us :)


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