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Radd Co. is an entanglement of two elements;

art, and nature's art. 

Rather than a fork in the road, consider these the first two portals you get to choose from as you navigate the RADD collections. 

There may be multiple doors that lead to the same place, and possibly even some doors that lead to nowhere; but we hope you enjoy your visit here, nonetheless.

* we encourage you to email, DM, or text us your order - you can even screenshot your cart! We can spare you a few bucks in website fees - discounting most, if not all of the items you're interested in. *

RITUALISTIC ARTISTIC DESIGN : Art prints, Original paintings, Stickers, Coloring Books

Take a gander at a collection of expressions of creativity.

Please keep in mind there is no method to the madness here. The theme, style, and medium is never consistent and ever-shifting.

Each piece of art embodies the state of mind, the mood, the muse, the environment (and the time allotted/resources available) at the time it was created. Hopefully one of the many waves of fluctuation can float your boat. 

RADD ROCKS : Crystals, Minerals, Precious, and Semi Precious Stones. Home Decor, Pocket Rocks, Talismans, Jewelry

Enjoy our treasury of Earth's Art. Our collection of gemstones and minerals range from affordable to high-end, raw to tumbled, palm stones to home décor; from all natural specimens to detailed, hand carved pieces. With all talk of metaphysical properties and vibrational energy aside, we feel each piece can speak for itself solely from just acknowledging it was created & designed by Mother Nature, herself.

we're grateful you're here.

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