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Black Onyx Crow w/ Smokey Quartz Beak on Calcite Branch 


This handsome crow was hand carved in the Republic of The Congo out of black onyx. 


Dubbed as “The Gem of Saturn,” which is the ruler of universal cause and effect. We all know about karma, but we also need to bring light to our dharma allowing us to get closer to our cosmic harmony with the universe. 


Black onyx can be used as a tool to bring awareness to karmic patterns and behaviors allowing you to align with where you need to be to reach that harmony. It’s also a beneficial tool for achieving past life regression therapy while assisting in healing from grief and sorrow. Black Onyx can even be used to access the Akashic Records and help store old memories safely. 


Being a black stone, it’s known mostly for its protection, by trapping the light it absorbs negative energy and propels it away from your aura. It can keep you grounded when meditating and tether you to your physical body while astral projecting. 


The crow’s beak is made of Smokey Quartz which is also a grounding/protection stone, removing negative energy and spirits. A little more clear than the onyx, it allows some light through which can be used for clarity when making a difficult decision. Smokey Quartz also heavily represents The Divine Feminine focusing on the wild, unleashed goddess energy and her connection to Mother Earth. 


The crows branch is made of white calcite, which acts as the balancer and cleanser. White calcite is extremely active, removing any stagnant energy energy and speeding up growth. It’s used to relieve emotional stress and replace it with serenity. Being active, it’s an amplifier helping motivate while stimulating new insights allowing for a shift in perspective. 


Crows have always held a special place in the magical world. Crows help deliver messages from the universe typically foreshadowing the future or drawing our attention to something we are unaware of. They’re incredibly intelligent and sentient animals who symbolize knowledge, tenacity and mysticism. 


All together, the properties this crow harnesses really creates an energy that is captivating and Caw-some🤓😉🤘🏼

Black Onyx Crow w/ Smokey Quartz Beak on Calcite Branch

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