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 Long known for being a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, transition and time, it’s perfectly fitting for this owl to be carved of Amethyst on Quartz with Tigers eye. 


With Amethyst playing a key role in transformation and protection, this owl embodies the power of the stone and the bird. 


The tigers eye beak further empowers the owl and the amethyst by strongly activating energy around it to stir up change and further push the boundaries while transmuting the sludge that can come about from the transformation itself. Together they can make this transition period smoother and bring about confidence during uncertainty. 


With Quartz as the base, the magic is amplified and cleansed allowing this master healer to connect with energy transmitters and connect with a higher conscious. 


This owl has some serious leveling up capabilities! He’s got our heads spinning.

Amethyst Owl on Quartz Base

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